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The Montclair High School Parent Center is a place for parents to access resources, attend parent meetings and empower themselves to help their students succeed. Pamphlets, brochures and information on community resources are available. Parents can learn more about what the school and community have to offer by attending the monthly meetings, workshops and special presentations that are held throughout the year. Parents can also come in and use computers to access the internet and School Loop.  

"The single most important determinant of a child's success in school, and ultimately throughout life is not family status, education level, income or IQ.

It is whether that child's parents are involved in his or her education."

(Anne Henderson) 


“ El determinante mas importante del éxito de un joven en la escuela y últimamente en su vida entera no es la posición social de la familia, nivel de educación, ingresos o el cociente de inteligencia.

Lo que es, es si los padres de ese joven sean involucrados en su educación.”

(Anne Henderson)