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California Scholarship Federation (CSF)


The California Scholarship Federation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to recognize and encourage academic achievement and community service among middle and high school students in California. 


Requirements for Semester Membership: The student must apply for membership during an enrollment period established by the advisor during the first four weeks of the semester. Applications can be found online on the Montclair CSF webpage. The application is based upon a point system and students must earn 10 points minimum in order to qualify. A=3 points, B=1 point with no grades lower than a C. (AP and Honors courses get one extra point, but a student may only have up to two extra points.) Students must qualify four semesters, one being during their senior year, in order to become a life member and wear a white gown at graduation. 
When: Applications are available at the beginning of each semester. There is a one month window to get your application and transcripts/grades to Mrs. Adamiak. CSF is not retroactive. If you miss a semester you cannot go back and apply for a semester in the past.
Fees: There is a $8.00 fee per semester. The fees pay for CSF dues, seal, CSF pins, and gold tassel. 
Please remember, all transcripts must be submitted as a PDF. Screenshots are no longer accepted.
If you have received a notice that you have qualified for membership, please review the information below to pay your dues. Dues are required for each semester of membership. 
Pay in person at the Student Store (student store is open before and after school)


Q: When can I apply for CSF?
A: Applications are accepted the first 4 weeks of each semester. In order to apply you will need to use grades from the previous semester.
Q: How do I qualify for a white gown?
A: CSF life members qualify to wear white at graduation. You must have four semesters, one semester using senior grades, of CSF membership to be a life member.
Q: Do I have to pay to join CSF?
A: If you qualify for membership, you are asked to pay $8.00 in dues. Each student who applies is notified when their application has been reviewed.
Q: When will I know if I qualify for membership?
A: Students will be notified about 3 weeks after the application deadline. 
If you still have questions please email the advisor at [email protected]