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Cum Laude Society



The Cum Laude Society recognizes those seniors who have excelled in the classroom through seven semesters of high school. Members of the society 

  1. will have Cum Laude printed on their diplomas,
  2. will be publicly recognized and honored during the Senior Awards ceremony,
  3. will have their names noted on the graduation commencement program, and
  4. will be entitled to wear a distinguished silver cord with their graduation gowns.

To earn membership in the Montclair High School Cum Laude Society, a student must have a minimum grade point average of 3.75, earned through seven semesters of rigorous academic course work. 

Any semester grade less than C in any course will disqualify a student from membership. 

The administration reserves the right to review any unusual circumstances and to make decisions relative to membership in the society.