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College & Career

Whether you are planning to go to a 4 -year university or a community college, we want you to be prepared for college-level classes. No matter where you choose to continue your education, employers desire knowledgeable, skilled employees who are capable of ongoing learning and working hard.

Here at Montclair High School, we want you to practice being the best learner you can be and establish good work habits.

As we often tell our students, high school is the last chapter of your childhood education.

College should the first step in your adult lives. Your education doesn't end after 12th grade. You are just beginning! Hopefully, the links here will help you better understand the necessary steps for continuing your education beyond high school.

Are you interested in working in another country after high school?

Many young people take what is called a Gap Year (a year between high school and college) to volunteer or work in a unique environment, gain real world experience and skills, and have a little adventure. WWOOF is an organization that provides free room and board in exchange for your services on an organic farm. To find out more about this interesting opportunity, visit their website. Who knows? You might really enjoy it and find your future career!

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Do You Need a Letter of Recommendation?

Print out the Letter of Recommendation form and give this to the person for whom you are requesting the recommendation. Please remember to give them plenty of time to do this for you.