Principal's Message

Charlene Saenz, Principal
Happy New Year! I look forward to the many opportunities that this new year will bring. We recently endured the most difficult year of our lives, and yet here we are standing strong and confidently looking ahead to brighter days. I am so proud of you! Let us enter this new year feeling hopeful and commit to striving to give our best each day. 
Upon the reflection of our experiences from last semester, your feedback, and that of our staff, we have made a few adjustments to the second semester. These adjustments include: an earlier 2nd period start time of 9:30 am, a revised distance learning schedule, and the opportunity for remediation of your first semester D/F grade. You can locate our revised distance learning schedule in your Canvas messages or on our school website.
Cavs, along with these modifications we must be able to count on you to do your part. You must attend classes daily (this includes Monday’s 2nd-period check-in and the completion of asynchronous work), complete your assignments, and communicate with school personnel if you need anything. 
Lastly, please be aware that school will not be in session on the following dates:
January 18th – MLK JR. Day
February 8th – Lincoln’s Day
February 15th – Presidents Day
I want you to know that your Montclair family believes in you! You can do this, and if you need any help along the way, we are here for you. 
Wishing you a triumphant second semester and year! 

Ms. Saenz